Making a diamond purchase can be, for most people, overwhelming given the numerous options available: mall discount stores and jewelry store chains, independent retail jewelers, home shopping channels, and diamond vendors on the Internet. Deciding WHERE to shop may be as difficult as deciding which diamond to buy.

Hiring a diamond broker is an alternative approach to purchasing a diamond, and is rapidly gaining popularity among consumers. A legitimate diamond broker acts as your representative, and helps you locate and purchase a diamond of the highest quality, matching your needs and specifications, at the lowest cost.

The broker does not own the diamonds, but acts as your agent to locate, at the best value and savings to you, just the right gemstone from a network of reputable diamond cutters, brokers, dealers and wholesalers around the world, as well as in alternative markets, such as private sales, estate sales and auctions, markets the customer is generally unable to access without the advantage of having hired a diamond broker.

The advantages of working with a diamond broker are threefold: Lower Cost, Higher Quality, and Time Saved.


Lower Cost. By working with a broker, like Galatea Designs, who has extensive contacts with reputable diamond cutters, brokers, dealers and wholesalers around the world, the customer benefits from the broker's resources. In effect, but for the broker's fee (a small percentage of the wholesale cost, and MUCH lower than the typical retail markup of 50% to 200%), the customer is buying as easily - and with the same resources - as a member of the worldwide diamond trade.

Higher Quality. A qualified diamond broker is an expert in the grading and evaluation of diamonds, and assures that the diamonds from which you are selecting, and ultimately the diamond you purchase, has been accurately graded and fairly priced. As an expert in the diamond markets, Galatea Designs also knows where to locate just the stone to meet your needs.

Time Saved. Galatea Designs typically brokers a diamond for a client by locating the best three or four diamonds meeting the client's desires, in terms of color, clarity, cut, carat weight AND cost. The diamonds are then shipped to Galatea so the client can examine each stone and, if desired, obtain Galatea's insight and recommendations concerning both the stone and its compatibility with the proposed jewelry design or setting. The time, stress and frustration of "shopping around" and trying to mentally compare diamonds from different locations is thereby avoided entirely.

Galatea Designs has over 15 years of diamond experience, hundreds of satisfied clients, and is the source of some of the greatest values and finest gems in the diamond industry.

Once we've met and know what you're looking for, Galatea searches the inventories of diamond cutters, brokers and wholesalers internationally to find the highest quality and greatest value matching your needs, preferences and budget, and typically several diamonds are then brought in for your review. Galatea Designs prides itself on providing personalized attention and advice, and will help you sort through the myriad design and quality options available so you can make an informed and sound decision when purchasing diamonds and jewelry.

Contrary to popular belief, the nicest diamonds are kept by wholesalers, rather than being shown in the display cases of retailers, who typically buy lower quality merchandise for their inventory due to the expensive carrying cost and insurance.

Diamond wholesalers buy diamonds from other wholesalers and diamond cutters. They market their diamonds typically to retailers, and usually avoid dealing with the public directly, to avoid having to deal with the education and customer service issues involved. However, as your diamond broker, Galatea Designs can obtain, on your behalf, these superior diamonds and values directly from the wholesalers, and pass the savings on to you.

With contacts that include diamond cutters and brokers world-wide, Galatea Designs is proud of the ability to obtain the highest quality diamonds, preferably those certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), at the lowest possible cost, regardless of our customer's particular needs.

By recommending our clients purchase diamonds that have been graded and certified by independent laboratories such as GIA and EGL, customers of Galatea Designs will receive impartial certificates documenting the stone's quality and identifying characteristics. While any diamond can make a good first impression, only a superior diamond will keep your attention and increase in value.

Since Galatea Designs doesn't keep an inventory of diamonds, we are not trying to sell you what we own rather than what you want; instead, our goal, which we meet time and time again, is to exceed your expectations, and to thrill you, with both the quality and the value of the diamond we find for you.